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Hymns this month

Hymns for services at All Saints and St Mary's are generally chosen a month ahead. On the sheets TIS stands for the Australian Hymn Book, Together in Song. AOV stands for the resource from Willow Publishing, As One Voice. CAH stands for Complete Anglican Hymns: Old and New.

To view the hymns for the current month click here for All Saints or here for St Mary's.

At All Saints we sing mostly out of TIS and AOV. At St Mary's we sing mostly from TIS but as we project words from a data-projector we also use material from AOV, CAH and Common Worship (CW). Where we reproduce lyrics we report our useage for copyright purposes using OneLicense.


A useful resource for parish hymn-planning is, which can also be used for looking up hymns that are coming up in the Sundays ahead that you may be unfamiliar with.

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