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Annual Meeting 2022

The parish held its Annual Meeting of Parishioners on Sunday 26th  June 2022.

Annual Meeting Reports and Agenda for the 2022 AMEM are downloadable from this page . Reports and Agenda Download


The following people were elected for the year ahead:

Wardens: Tom Winterbourn and Mike Salmon 

(email contact )

Parish Council members: Sallyanne Bushe-Jones, Shirley Gollagher, Glenys Davis, Meagan Smythe, Greg Fawell, Christine Fawell

Nominators of Clergy: Tom Winterbourn (Warden), Gaye Moses, elected in 2022 Sharon Zuidamm, Sarah Simpson elected in 2021

At the first council meeting the following office bearers were elected

Secretary: Meagan Smythe (email )

Treasurer : Greg Fawell (email )

Lay Synod Representative:  Kaye Healy and Sharon Zuidamm

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