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Arranging a funeral

The parish priest may be available to conduct a funeral either in one of the parish churches (St Mary’s or All Saints), or in another location such as a chapel or grave-side at any of Perth’s cemeteries.

Choosing a priest to celebrate the life of your loved one and conduct the funeral is appropriate as an acknowledgement of the faith of the deceased, but may also reflect the faith of bereaved family members and the desire to hear the promise of resurrection by which we claim that life is stronger than death. The Anglican funeral rite, like those of all the mainstream Christian denominations, provides scope for celebration, remembering with affection and humour the person to whom we are bidding farewell, acknowledging grief and the need for letting go, and expressing our faith in the God who created us. A funeral service can be personalised and involve younger and older members of the family, and provides opportunity for compassion and care for those who have been bereaved.

When you advise your funeral director that you would like to have your loved one’s service conducted by our parish priest, they will put us in contact with you and advise the choices that you have made regarding the time and place of the funeral. It can be a good idea to contact us first to ensure a priest is available at your preferred time. One advantage in holding the funeral service at the church is that there are fewer limitations on time. Depending on other bookings the Minchin Centre (adjacent to St Mary’s) may also be available for refreshments following the service. There are a number of options you may wish to consider, for example a burial or cremation may be scheduled for later in the day to give you the opportunity to spend time with other mourners before proceeding to the cemetery.

Please note that the cemeteries at All Saints and St Mary’s are closed, which means that apart from those whose right to bury was recognised prior to 1963 we are unable to arrange a burial at these sites. It is possible however to inter the ashes of your loved one at either cemetery should you wish to acknowledge a connection with the parish. Please contact us to explore the options, which are discussed here.

When you ask for a priest to conduct your loved one’s funeral there is a donation which is normally organised through the funeral director, and we suggest a figure of $300 is appropriate as a recognition of the time involved in preparation. If one of our churches is to be used for the service we there is an additional charge of $100. If you wish to hire the Minchin Centre or Cloisters for refreshments following the service a fee is payable directly to the parish and depends on the duration of hire and venue . Hire information is available here

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