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All Saints Church

All Saints Church at Henley Brook is the oldest existing Anglican Church in WA, being built in 1841.  Its foundation stone was laid on the 31st of October 1839, with the first service conducted by Reverend William Mitchell on the 10th of January 1841.  It was described as ‘a simple Gothic-style church with a beamed roof and lancet windows,’ and measured 11 metres by 8 metres.  It was consecrated on the 21st of November 1848 by Bishop Short of Adelaide on his first visit to the western part of his diocese.

The church underwent minor repairs, such as replacing the original mud brick walls with clay bricks in 1860, and adding a bell turret and porch in 1870.  The lychgate was erected in 1929 to commemorate the centenary of Western Australia, on the site where Captain James Stirling encamped in 1827.  In 1990, electrical lighting was installed at the church, which ended the ‘candles and kerosene lamp era’ of 150 years. 

The historic reminders are still present in many details on the church grounds.  The original flooring shows the marks of the cross cut saw that was used to pit saw the timbers used in building the church.  There are original beams from the church ceiling displayed in the Cloisters.  The sole remaining wooden grave marker is displayed in the porch to the church, while the rest were sadly destroyed by bushfires.  The travelling chest of Reverend Mitchell was presented to the church by his descendants, and is considered to be the oldest Church Record Chest in Western Australia.

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