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Spirituality @ Home

A Home Prayer Corner

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A wonderful article by Kate Crane in the Anglican Journal  titled "How to build a prayer corner and bring the saints home" can be found here: Kate gives some easy hints for creating an attractive prayer nook in a lounge room or spare bedroom (or my messy study). And a photo of her own lounge room prayer nook complete with cacti.

Daily Lectionary

Readings for holy communion for each day may be found on the RCL (Revised Common Lectionary) Daily Calendar at 

A Kitchen Agape

“Agape” is the New Testament Greek work for “self-giving love”.  In the Christian tradition an “Agape” is also the name for informal meals and times of togetherness and mutual sharing which remind us of all those early Christians’ “Love Feasts” and the unity that the Spirit continues to give us. It was the Agape that eventually became formalised in the early Church meal of the Eucharist.

An Agape can provide a weekly opportunity (perhaps on Sunday evening) to worship as a household and receive God’s gifts. Click the pdf link next to this box to download a simple liturgy (order of service) for a kitchen-table Agape meal.

St Georges Cathedral - video services

To subscribe to the St Georges cathedral YouTube channel, please click this link:

The Cathedral is streaming video services including the Archbishop's Easter services.

Online Bible Study

A free daily and thoughtful Bible study from the US Episcopal Church (ie. Anglican) based on the RCL readings as above can be found at

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