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Church @ Home

At this time of social distancing and lockdown in the battle against COVID-19, many Christians may feel we are in exile from our familiar and much-loved traditions of worship. Unable to meet for Sunday Eucharist or for social gathering during the week we can feel cut off from the spiritual nourishment we need.

Indeed we may feel our situation is a little like the time of exile for the people of Israel - the Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed and the people taken into captivity in Babylon. There they were unable to worship God in the ways that had sustained them for centuries. However prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel encouraged the people to 'seek the good of the city' in which they found themselves - to put down new roots and learn new ways.


And with hindsight the time of exile in Babylon proved to be a period of unprecedented creativity in which many of the traditions shared by Judaism and Christianity have their roots. One of the main ways in which Judaism was renewed during its exile was the emergence of a new focus on worshipping at home.

In this section you will find a (growing) collection of resources for worship and spirituality at home. It is my hope that together we will be able to create some new traditions to sustain us not just as individual Christians but as a Christian community. Please download some of these resources and do let me know how they work for you. Let me know, also, the sort of resources you need more of!

Peace and blessings,

Fr Evan

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